A&H Harness and Tack Company, in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, knows the importance of good, reliable tack equipment. Any equestrian knows that the tack room is just as important as the horses that use the equipment. Tack equipment needs to be stored in a certain way, well protected, consistently cleaned, and handled with care in order to get consistent longevity out of it. Tack equipment consists of saddles, bridles, harnesses, harness pads, bits, feed buckets, cleaning supplies, and more.

If you're looking for tack equipment that is not only expertly handcrafted, but is also guaranteed to be comfortable and efficient for both horse and rider, contact A&H Harness and Tack Shop. We make a wide variety of tack equipment and make sure that each piece will make a valuable addition to your tack room.

We offer convenient online shopping or if you have any questions about our equestrian tack shop equipment or you need saddle restoration or repairs to any of your tack, call us directly at (717) 445-4050 to speak to a member of our staff.